About Us

Allow us to tell you a story.  A story of hope.  A modern day miracle. This is the story of the people of MD Foundation.  

MD Foundation was formed in 2010 when 5 family owned farming operations came together after each individually reached a point where change was inevitable.  Faced with their own separate challenges they found themselves at a turning point in their lives having to decide whether to carry on farming or to pursue other ventures.  But one question kept popping up:  What about the people?  180 people stood to loose their work and their income.  The spill over effect to the families they support would have been devastating.  Friends at the time, the farmers decided to gather early each morning to ask God what they were supposed to do.  After a few months of doing so, the answer came from Isaiah 58 instructing them to :”… divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house…”.  That our focus should change from enriching ourselves to making ourselves available for the Kingdom.  Land and assets were amalgamated to form a stronger farming operation able to extend a hand to what has become our vision:

MD is a community of believers with the common purpose of making Gods Kingdom visible on earth.  By conducting business we aim to create work, train and uplift people and care for the poor and sick in our community.

Today the farming units consist of a dairy, beef cattle unit, sheep unit and grain producing unit.  Our community work is administered through a separate non-profit company named Missio Dei.  Since the start of Missio Dei we have been privileged to be partnered by a group of people in Pretoria (KRUIK) who have avidly supported our causes.  Together MISSIO DEI and KRUIK have tackled the impossible and through Gods grace managed to establish community projects that are making a real difference in the lives of the very poor.

Our vision is to see true upliftment.  Not only financial or physical upliftment but spiritual upliftment as well.  So that hope can be spread amongst the poor and amongst everyone that crosses our path.  To honor God through everything we do, to see Christs Kingdom come.


Missio Dei School

Quality education remains a challenge in rural communities.  Children are faced with numerous hardships including no transport to school and sub-standard levels of education.

In 2012 we started off with a preprimary class and a grade R class for the local children.  Our aim was to lift the standard of education and grow the school as the children move on to the next standard. What started off in a one room classroom grew into a fully equipped school.  Today we are humbled to say that we have 70 children enrolled at the school in gr R, gr 1 and gr 2.  Our personnel include 2 full-time teachers, 2 assistants and one administrative clerk.  In school children are not only equipped academically but also spiritually.

The need has overwhelmed us.  Sadly we had to turn some children away as we simply can not accommodate everyone.  Word of mouth has brought more and more people to us wanting to place their children in the school.  We will have to extend the school in order to accommodate more children.  This will implicate more teachers and more staff.

Bonang Bacha Health
Care Centre

In 2010 Patricia heard of us and came looking for help.  Caring for terminally ill people in her own township she had a heart for her community but not the funds to sustain it.  During January 2011 one of the houses on a MD farm was developed into a fully operational health care centre with hospital standard rooms.  Under Praticias management the centre has gone from strength to strength.  The focus of the centre is especially to create awareness on HIV and care for critically ill HIV positive patients.  It can accommodate 14 patients. Once again we realised that the need in our local community and township was enormouse and home caregivers were trained. Currently they are caring for more than 60 patients in their homes.

Our challenge remains to fund the growth of the health care centre, to accommodate more patients, to employ more medical staff and home based caregivers.


Job Creation

MD Foundation employs 180 full time farm workers. But still this is not enough!  Misio Dei has therefore started to train unemployed people to produce vegetables on land made available to sell and support themselves. Crops have been harvested and people are already enjoying the benefits.


Through our everyday lives and extension of aid we educate ur community to have a personal relationship with our Creator. We are experiencing change and are living it. If you would like to join us as a partner to become part of this inspiring journey please contact us.