Next Project
  • Our school:  our school is growing and we have to prepare for the future.  A lot of work has been done. Recently an old milking parlor next to the school has been converted into a preprimary school. A big thanks to KRUIK for their involvement in all the work.
  • A new transport system was implemented with a bus that was falling apart due to bad roads being replaced by a converted truck transporting the children 
  • A new teacher, Prudence Mokoena has been appointed to teach the grade 3 class for 2016.  We look forward to working together Prudence!
  • Clinic:  A basic clinic has been set up on one of the farms to assist the rural people with getting basic health care and medicine. 
  • Drop-inn centres:  Two centres has been set up in Meqheleng to provide a much needed after school care service to township kids.  At the centre they receive a meal as well as assistance with their homework whilst waiting for their parents to arrive home from work.  Here they can do so in a safe healthy environment and not on the streets as they use to.  The centres are at St. Joseph's Primary School and Mehopung Primary School.  Around 87 children are given a meal each day and assisted with Mathematics, English and Phonics.  Vulnerable children are identified and referred to social workers.